As a Pinterest Manager, you have the flexibility to choose which services to offer. Don't worry if you're not comfortable designing pins - you can either skip it or hire someone else to do it for your clients.

Before we look at various service options, let me clarify that the terms "Pinterest Manager" and "Pinterest VA" are used interchangeably here. I would discourage you to call yourself a VA unless you really only execute a strategy someone else created.

While technically, a VA offers basic services and a Manager is more experienced, you can call yourself whatever you see fit. 

Just keep in mind the minute your call yourself a VA your rate drops immediately. Call yourself a manager and double your price - work is still the same!

As a Pinterest Manager, your main goal is to help businesses promote their content, products, and services through the Pinterest platform. You can offer various services like setting up accounts, doing Pinterest audits, scheduling content, designing pins, running ad campaigns, and even providing coaching and training.

Pinterest Ads

I highly, highly recommend learning ad management as soon as possible as that is where

a) the money is
b) you can learn it fast
c) get results fast

For some reason many Pinterest marketer ignore ads altogether or see it as a little add-on clients can purchase.

The reality is that managing ads on Pinterest is ridiculously easy to learn and equally ridiculously well paid

The ad interface is joy to use as its super simple and nothing like Facebook interface 🙂

Learn about ad management here and thank me later with your new 6-figure side hustle! 

Account Management

Managing clients account on a monthly basis is one of the core services you can offer as a Pinterest Manager. 

This requires you to understand keywords and search engine optimization but it is a super fun task and clients often stay for years and years with you.

Pinterest Consultation

Not all clients want monthly management but they'd love to hear your experience and thoughts on their account.

Offering a audit or consultation on a hourly basis is great add-on service to offer.

Designing Pins

If you have a creative flare, design part of the work might be your "thing". 

Many companies have their own social media teams but would love to have some help with Pinterest and design expert to create click-worthy pins. 

As a Pinterest Manager, you have the flexibility to offer a range of services. From account management to designing pins, you can tailor your services to fit your clients' needs. Learn more about the various options available to you in this post.

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Nina trains 6-figure Pinterest Managers and runs a Pinterest Marketing Agency helping eCommerce stores scale with Pinterest.

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