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Have you ever thought that your LOVE for PINTEREST could be monetized and your browsing hobby becomes THE money maker in your life? #spoileralert damn right, you can 👇

Profitable Pinterest Marketer for Passionate Pinners

The PPM course covers both Pinterest marketing AND how to run a successful online business!

Ideal for those who desire Time, Location, and Financial Freedom

This program is for Pinterest lovers who spend their free time browsing the app, sometimes all night long, planning their homes, lives, dinners, and style. 

If you find yourself saying.... I just want work that I love and pays well. But where the heck to do I start...?

You just stumbled into a gold mine, my friend. ⚡️⚡️



former student

"I loved the course! It covered everything from creating pins, setting up account to taking on your first client and managing marketing strategies."

Let's face it..

Becoming a Profitable Pinterest Marketer isn't just about learning a skill; it's about transforming your future and the businesses you'll help.

But the journey isn't without its challenges.

😳 Do you doubt you have what it takes to thrive as a Pinterest Manager?

😳 Can you make the transition from Pinterest enthusiast to profitable service provider?

😳 Are you unsure if your passion can lead to profits in this new career?

Embrace the challenge and let ME guide you to become a Profitable Pinterest MARKETER. 

What if there is a solution that guides you to turn your Pinterest passion into a Thriving Career?

I'm Nina and I'm a professional career shifter 🤣. I get the challenges of a career shift. Been there before, got the t-shirts to prove it. 

I became a marketer in my mid 30s. And by accident. I've been exactly where you are now. 

I've distilled 10+ years of marketing into this course. It's built to take you from enthusiast to Profitable Pinterest Marketer. It's your shortcut to mastering Pinterest and running a profitable online business.

See for yourself and get your career shift moving toward a freedom filled lifestyle.

And, if you're not happy for any reason, there is a no questions asked money-back guarantee. 🥰

Enroll now, start your journey to Pinterest success. 📌🚀

Imagine how it would feel...

📌 Spending your days browsing the platform you already LOVE

📌 Gaining back valuable time, reducing stress, and enjoying life to the fullest.

📌 Having a shortcut on your path to becoming a successful Pinterest Marketer.

📌 Being the go-to Pinterest Marketer, confident in your ability to attract ideal clients.

I bet it would feel pretty amazing.
And how do I know this?

... Because my course already has empowered many to take the leap.

They've experienced freedom, happiness, and success as their online business thrived.

This course is designed to do the EXACT same thing for you. 🙌

"I’m really grateful for your course. The universe brought it to me. I was looking for the next thing – Pinterest is just perfect for me."

Sara now a Pinterest Marketer


Profitable Pinterest Marketer

A COMPLETE & PROVEN system to learn the required skills to create a Profitable Pinterest Marketing Business.



Learn the foundation of running an online business AND the Pinterest platform.

What you need and what you don't need as a new business owner.


Digital Marketing 101 and then some!

This is when you learn what a sales funnel is and why you need to know about it. This module helps YOU and YOUR CLIENTS.


Everything from setting up your campaign to managing and ending the campaign.

We'll cover types of campaigns and the metrics that tell you how the campaign is doing.


You'll learn how to create simple ad creatives (images and videos) with Canva (free tool) to create ads that sell for you clients.

I'll also share my viral pin templates!


I'll walk you through how I got my first client and show how you can replicate what I've done.

Then you can do the same and get your first client, second client, third client...


10+ Hours of recorded Case Studies, Question & Answer Sessions (all time stamped for easy access!) ready for you to watch.

Here's what other people have to say about my trainings ...

This was exactly what I was looking for! Nina gives clear, useful advice that you can actually use. What's best is that you can take the course and start implementing her tips strait away!

Andrea m.

It's nice to learn from someone who has actually done what they are teaching.

david m.

Loved the bonus trainings!




10+ Hours of recorded Case Studies, Question & Answer Sessions (all time stamped for easy access!) ready for you to watch.


10+ Hours of recorded Case Studies, Question & Answer Sessions (all time stamped for easy access!) ready for you to watch, learn and implement straight away.


I'll share my viral pin templates with you so you can just plug and play when creating a campaigns for clients.

All done with Canva, which you can use for free!!


I'll give you FREE access to my Pinterest SEO and organic pinning method course. So you are not getting just one course but TWO!


Learn how to use video to attract clients from social media. 

Unlock all this to create the online business of your dreams with the platform you love.

Here's A sample of the course! 


  • Pinterest foundations
  • Pinterest Profile
  • Build your ad library
  • Where to get clients
  • Price & Package your services 
  • Determine your rate
  • Launching a campaign 
  • Sales Funnel 101
  • Custom audiences
  • Market research your ideal client
  • Click-Worthy Pins
  • Creatives Cheatsheet
  • Personas Breakthrough
  • Building product campaigns
  • Trello board

So why should you trust me to be your Pinterest Trainer?

Don't blame you for asking... I'd ask that too!

I am a Pinterest pinning nerd with over decade of online business experience. I know the ins, outs, joys and, at times, frustrations of running a business.

I have a proven track record of helping clients succeed on Pinterest AND helping my customers start & scale an online business. 

So my days are split in two ways - helping my Pinterest clients and training future Pinterest marketers.

The best part of my day is when I get to see my clients and customers flourish and realize their biggest dreams. 

And I love that I can be part of their journey!

I'd be honored to support your journey to becoming a Pinterest marketer. 

- Nina

HECK YES! I'm ready to Get Paid to Pin!

Here's how you know this course is a perfect fit as an aspiring Pinterest Marketer.

✅ You have a deep love for Pinterest.

✅ You want more freedom in your career and life.

✅ You're eager to master Pinterest marketing with a proven to work strategy.

If you checked 3/3, this course is precisely what you need to kickstart your career as a Pinterest Marketer and turn your pinning into profit. 📌🚀


  • 4 Core Pinterest Modules
  • 2 Core Business Modules
  • 80+ Lessons
  • Over 15+ hours of content
  • Tasks, worksheets and training content.
  • Ad and pin templates
  • Bonus modules

Over $2,000 VALUE FOR JUST $444


This course is your gateway to regaining control of your time, boosting your content confidence, and supercharging your consistency as an aspiring Pinterest Marketer.

I poured my heart into creating it, with aspiring Pinterest Marketers like you in mind.

But here's the best part: There's absolutely no risk in getting started today.

If you don't fall head over heels for the Course within 7 days, simply reach out, and I'll promptly refund your investment.

I'm confident this course will eliminate your online business struggles and set you on the path to success.

- Nina


How long do I have access to the course material?

For lifetime! All videos and worksheets are for you to watch at anytime. 

Are there any additional costs?

No unless you decide to invest into creating a website for your marketing business or use accounting services. The Pinterest marketing does not require paid tools - you can do all with free accounts with Canva, Google etc.

Do I need to be a designer, marketer or have previous experience?

No, I did not have either when I run my first Pinterest campaign for a client.

From my experience: the less design is on the ad, the better it sells!

So no you do not definitely need to be a graphic designer. I'll walk you through Canva (the only app I use!) for pin creation.

You do not need any prior marketing or ad management experience either -> I'll teach you everything you need to know to get going.

I live in ______ and speak ______, is this for me?

Heck yes! Pinterest is growing fast outside US so if you speak any other language you'll do great. I get leads all over the world, from English speaking countries like US, Australia to non-English speaking countries like Germany, France, Spain and more. Demand is there but providers are not!

And you can also do what I do -> sell globally. I work with clients in Australia, UK, USA and Canada. Pinterest has no borders so anything is possible.

So, yes, it is absolutely for you!

How many hours should I dedicate each week?

This will be a 6 week course and each week you should dedicate few hours to watch the weeks videos. You can watch the course videos at any time within the 6 weeks or anytime after.

Who can I sell Pinterest marketing services to?

Any type of small business that matches Pinterest demographic - so pretty much all! It could be a coach, course creator, accountant, eCommerce store, local store and many others. 

Can I really get clients after the course?

You might even get clients DURING the course! That has happened before :)

Of course I can't guarantee you will - nobody can!

I've set up the course in a way that gives you the best possible chance of getting your first client. You'll walk away with skills and knowledge to run clients campaigns with confidence.

I did not have marketing background when I took my first client, you don't need either. The marketing you'd do as a Pinterest manager is totally different to running the ads you see on TV for example.

I've managed over $1 million of my clients money and I know ins and outs of managing campaigns.

Do I need business set up as a Pinterest Manager?

Yes but how depends on where you are from. You'll be offering your services as a contractor / freelancer, not an employee. 

This brings few responsibilities but also heaps of benefits like freedom and ability to deduct expenses (mostly likely this course too!)


You have TWO options - Course OR Upgrade to VIP. 


  • 4 Core Pinterest Modules
  • 2 Core Business Modules
  • 80+ Lessons
  • Over 15+ hours of content
  • Tasks, worksheets and training content.
  • Ad and pin templates
  • Bonus modules
  • One-time fee of $444 or split pay 10 x $49 / month

Lifetime access. MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

Still here.... NOW it's time to take a step towards your dreams if this sounds like you...


You are Motivated and Driven. You want to make your dreams a reality. You're ready to bust your fears out of the door.


You want the freedom lifestyle - freedom to work when you want, who you want to work with, where you want. Maybe even become a digital nomad!


You love learning new things. You are an action taker and determined. This opportunity really excites you and you can't wait to start.

Profitable Pinterest Marketer

Fluff free, straight to the point kinda style

Here's what's waiting for you to dive in:

  • Instant access to week 1 content to keep overwhelm at bay
  • Downloadable resources, worksheets and planners
  • Trello board as a step by step guide to manage clients
  • Canva training that helps you create click worthy designs in minutes
  • Sales funnel training so you know how to market your clients AND YOU!
  • Hours and hours time stamped Q&A to answer ANY AND ALL questions that might come up.

I really appreciate your direct approach and value your extensive experience in this area! Your encouragement to go step by step really resonated and helped me to understand how to create value of my own. Thank you for your focus, style and direct no-nonsense approach!

Jan t.

Moneyback Guarantee

You can purchase the course with confidence.
You can start the course and view the full first week of the course content. Then if you decide this is not for you, you'll get 100% refund. You must send refund request within 7 days of purchase by emailing support ( See full details on the terms page.