Searching for work from home opportunities that allow you to work remotely and start your own business? I’m sharing the exact steps you need to follow to become a successful Pinterest Manager just like me! 

Step #1: Learn everything you can about Pinterest 

This means doing what you already love - pinning like no tomorrow! The more you spend time on the platform the better. Having said that thought, you need to be strategic on your browsing!

Previously you've been looking for pins from your own perspective but now you need to think like a marketer. Start noticing what you notice meaning what stops your scroll and why!

This is especially with ads! One of the highest paid skills are ad management (easy task to learn too!) but for that you need to notice what stops your scroll.

Keep saving ads and pins that work for you as those probably work for your clients too.

Step #2: Create Pinterest business account for you

Now you need to create a business account for your upcoming Pinterest Management business. I recommend creating from scratch rather than converting your personal account.

This way you can keep the two separate and not waste time hiding non-relevant pins and boards on your personal profile.

Also once you work with clients, you'll be browsing from both of these accounts to find ideas and inspiration as both will have totally different feeds! 

Step #3: Learn Pinterest 

To fasten learnings and results, I highly recommend investing in Pinterest course! Sure Youtube has lot of content too but to be honest 90% those are no longer working on Pinterest. If you spend time learning, you might as well learn what's working NOW vs 2 years ago - as its totally different!

Of course I am biased in this as I have this type of course but I have learned so much from investing into courses from other people too.

Step #4: Create a timeline

This one is often forgotten but critical task in your new venture. Creating a goal with timeline is half of the work. Procrastination will step in a second you think you can do this without a plan. 

Set a deadline for when, what and how and especially a deadline when you open your new business. 

Step #5: Go First Client

This part is of course crucial as without clients, you don't have a business. I got my first client from Facebook groups and I still get many, many clients by networking in FB groups.

Here's couple of other ways to get your first client:

  • Existing network online & offline
  • Current employer / client
  • Social media marketing
  • Cold emailing potential clients

When you start working as a Pinterest marketer as a brand new freelancer I recommend getting 1-3 first clients as beta client. They may not pay you your full fee but this takes pressure from you as you don't also need to deliver the result seasoned Pinterest marketer can. 

Offering beta / case-study client option is also great way for businesses to test if Pinterest is perfect platform for them.

About the author 


Nina trains 6-figure Pinterest Managers and runs a Pinterest Marketing Agency helping eCommerce stores scale with Pinterest.

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